Password Change Web Part


COVRI Password Change web part for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 allows end users to change their own Local NT or Active Directory password with in SharePoint environment without administrator intervention complying with the company’s Password policies. It also notifies end users when their password is about to expire.

Key Features:

  • Change Active Directory or Local NT passwords without administrator intervention.
  • Warns the end users if password does not meet company security requirement policies.
  • Password strength indicator. Inform users about password expiry.
  • Password Change activities stored in administrator’s log.

COVRI SharePoint Password Change Web Part allows users (AD, Local NT, or Form-Authenticated) to change their own passwords from SharePoint without administrator intervention. This Web Part also

Supported FBA environment:

  1. SqlMembership Provider
  2. ADAM

A. Adding web part to the site

  1. Go to the site where you wish to add Password Change Web part
  2. Click Site Actions at the top of the page, click Edit Page to modify the site
  3. Click on the Insert tab under Editing Tools, and then click Web Part.
  4. In the Categories box, select COVRI Web Parts, select Password Change Web part, then click Add

B. Changing Passwords with SharePoint Password Change

1. Users can access the password change page by clicking Password Change from the main dropdown menu of the current site or change the password directly from within the Password Change Web Part.

2. On the Password Change page, or from within the Web Part, enter the current password, new password, and confirm the new password.

3. After the password has been changed successfully, user will be notified through a message.

System Requirements
For SharePoint 2010:

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Server SharePoint Release:
- Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater is recommended for Advanced Administration features
Mozilla Firefox supported
Chrome supported


Product History

Password Change Web Part Version 1.0 released on 31st December 2012.