Key Products

  • Font Size Change Web Part

    COVRI Font Size Change Web Part for Microsoft® SharePoint 2010® gives its users flexibility to change font size on a click. Using this web part the font size for the site can be increased or decreased as per user’s convenience however a third option of resetting to default font size is also provided.

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  • Password Change Web Part

    COVRI Password Change web part for Microsoft® SharePoint 2010® allows end users to change their own Local NT or Active Directory password with in SharePoint environment without administrator intervention complying with the company’s Password policies. It notifies end users about password expiry.

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  • Password Reset
    Web Part

    COVRI Password Reset Web Part allows users to reset their forgotten passwords from within the Microsoft® SharePoint 2010® environment without requiring IT administration assistance. New password can be shown on page, or sent to user email.                                                        

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  • Cascaded Lookup

    COVRI Cascaded Lookup Column is intended to augment SharePoint 2010 standard lookup functionality. The enhancements include building relationship between parent and child columns i.e the data selection in parent field(s) will determine the options to be presented in the child field(s).

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  • Cross-Site Lookup

    COVRI Cross-Site Lookup Column augments standard Microsoft® SharePoint® lookup functionality by allowing retrieval of information from any site within site collection, applying list view filtering to retrieved data. It delivers a powerful function of searching over lookup list.

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  • Parent Selector

    Covri Parent Selector Column is used if you have hierarchical data in a list and you need to lookup data in own list (containing list).The key difference with standard Microsoft® SharePoint® Lookup being absence of own item (standard SharePoint Lookup contains own item)

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