Covri Image Upload Column


COVRI Image Upload column facilitates uploading images as list item. The image file to be uploaded is selected through browsing dialog and displayed in the list view. This product contains provision to upload, edit and delete the picture/ image files. Facility to setup filtering using predefined or custom extensions is also provided.

  • Upload Image as list item
  • Support any type of Microsoft® SharePoint® list (not only restricted to Picture Library)
  • Filter items based on File extensions ( predefined extensions and custom extensions supported)
  • Ability to upload files on any type (documents, archives and others)
  • Image thumbnails for list views
  • Image description support (used as alternative text for the picture)
  • Customizing image appearance on list view and list item Edit/Display forms (specifying image size, limiting image size, displaying image as a link)
  • Resize large images after upload
  • Images are stored in separate internal list sub-folder (no conflict with attachments)

By default in SharePoint a picture or image can be added to a list column in the form of URL of the image already existing on the site. One cannot browse to the location of the image/picture using upload dialog and select the picture in order to upload it as a list item. COVRI Image Upload column makes this possible. User can browse to the location of the image and upload it to the list column. The uploaded image can be replaced and if required can be deleted.



Using COVRI Image Upload Column

1. Select the list and click on create column. Enter column name and select COVRI Image upload from the available options (Figure 1.0)

Figure 1.0

2. In the additional column settings give a suitable description for the column (if necessary).

Figure 2.0

3. In the image upload special settings section configure the desired settings (Figure 3.0, Figure 3.1) and click ok to create the column.

Figure 3.0

Figure 3.1

4. The new column is added to the list as shown in figure 4.0

Figure 4.0

5. Either click on add new item or edit and existing item in the list to open item dialog. To upload picture for this item click on browse button (Figure 5.0) to open the file upload dialog (Figure 5.1). Browse to the location of the image and select it. Click the open button, the image is ready to be uploaded as the list item (Figure 5.2). Click the save button to save this entry (Figure 5.3)

Figure 5.0

Figure 5.1

Figure 5.2

Figure 5.3

System Requirements
For SharePoint 2010:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Server: SharePoint Release:
- Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater is recommended for Advanced Administration features
Mozilla Firefox supported
Chrome supported


Product History

Covri Image Upload Column Version 1.0 released on 14th April 2014.