Password Reset Web Part


COVRI Password Reset Web Part for Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 allows end users to reset their own Local NT or Active Directory password with in SharePoint environment without administrator intervention. It also notifies end users after their password is reset.

COVRI SharePoint Password Reset Features:

Features Password Reset SharePoint
Reset password for individual account without Administrator's support
Password reset for AD users and local users
Configurable account required fields (Username and / or user email)
Ability to set own security questions, alternate e-mails
Allows users to type new password manually
Ability to auto generate new password and deliver it online or via email
Email notifications for Password change
Flexibility to configure up to 3 security questions for AD Password Reset

COVRI SharePoint Password Reset Web Part allows users (AD, Local NT, or Form-Authenticated) to Reset their own passwords from SharePoint without administrator intervention.

Adding web part to the site

  1. Go to the site where you wish to add Password Change Web part
  2. Click Site Actions at the top of the page, click Edit Page to modify the site
  3. Click on the Insert tab under Editing Tools, and then click Web Part.
  4. In the Categories box, select COVRI Web Parts, select Covri Password Reset Web part, then click Add

Password Reset Global Settings

Before using Password Reset Web Part it is required to activate COVRI Password Reset Web Part site collection feature and specify Password Reset global settings for each Web application Zone.

Navigate to Password Reset Settings page to specify password reset global settings (Site Actions --> Site Settings --> Site Collection Administration --> Password Reset settings):

In Authentication Type section, you can see current Web application Zone (for which password reset is configured), Web application URL and authentication type for this zone.

In order to enable password reset for current zone, check Yes under Allow password reset for this zone?.

If No is selected, then Password Reset Web Part will not be visible for this zone.

If current zone authentication uses Active Directory users (Windows authentication or FBA with LDAP membership provider), then it is required to provide administrative account, that has a right to reset AD users passwords.

If you want to use security questions to validate AD user identity, check Enable Security Questions and specify at least one security question. You should set question displayed in the Web Part and define the field in Active Directory that the user’s answer is confirmed against.

Note: This flag is auto determined for FBA membership providers (except LDAP membership provider), and depends on provider's RequiresQuestionAndAnswer property.

If RequiresQuestionAndAnswer is set to true, then user should answer a password question for password reset.

In order to send confirmation email before password reset, you should check Enable Email Confirmation option. You can change default message displayed for user in web part and confirmation email Subject and Body. You can use the following key templates in email fields: $USERNAME$,$USEREMAIL$, $CONFIRMLINK$.

Note: If FBA membership providers (except LDAP membership provider) has RequiresQuestionAndAnswer equal to True and EnablePasswordRetrival is equal to False, then this option will be disabled in this case.

Password reset allows to generate new password automatically or to type new one manually. In Password Receive Type section check appropriated option for it:

  • Generate new password automatically and show it on page – new password will be generated automatically and will be shown via Web Part. $USERNAME$, $USEREMAIL$,$NEWPASSWORD$ template keys are supported as well.

  • Generate new password automatically and send it via email – new password will be generated automatically and email will be sent to user email account with new password.$USERNAME$, $USEREMAIL$, $NEWPASSWORD$ template keys can be used in email subject and body.

  • Enable to type new password manually – users will be able to type new password and confirm it manually via Web Part interface.

In order to avoid any security issues, you can check Send email notification on password changed. As soon as new password is generated or user types new one manually, system will send email notification to user email address just inform that his password has been changed.

If user account is locked due to AD password policy violations (for ex. an incorrect password was entered three times when user logins), user can be unlocked automatically. For it, you should check Unlock account automatically option in Additional Settings section.

Setting up Password Reset on an Anonymous Access SharePoint Site

Enable Anonymous Access

In order to access to the Web page for the users, that forgot their passwords, you should enable anonymous access for SharePoint site.

Open SharePoint Central Administration --> Application Management --> select target Web Application --> Authentication Providers and choose authentication provider:

Select Zone

In Anonymous Access section, check Enable anonymous access:

After you have enabled anonymous access to Web application, you should enable it for your SharePoint site collections that needs password reset. For that, open SharePoint site and go to Anonymous Access settings page (Site Actions --> Site Permissions --> Anonymous Access).

In Anonymous Access section, specify the parts of SharePoint site that anonymous users can access. If you select Entire Web site, anonymous users will be able to view all pages in your Web site and view all lists and items which inherit permissions from the Web site. If you select Lists and libraries, anonymous users will be able to access pages and view items only for those lists and libraries that have enabled permissions for anonymous users.

In order to use COVRI Password Reset web part it is enough to select List and libraries option under Anonymous users can access box.

Adding Web Part to a Page

After anonymous access to site is configured, you can add Password Reset Web Part to your custom page or use built-in COVRI Password Reset page. This page is included in Password Reset package, and you can find it by following URL: http://[sitecollectionurl]/_layouts/CovriResetPassword/PasswordReset.aspx

Configure Password Reset Web Part:

Select Edit Web Part from web part menu.

In order to configure/change configuration of Web part settings either click open password reset settings page link or click from the web part pane Click here to open Password Reset settings and make the required changes as explained above.

To reset password enter username/email as specified in web part settings and click reset password.

Answer the questions as specified in web part settings and click continue.

Depending on web part settings the new password will be either displayed on site page or sent through email or user will be prompted to change password manually

System Requirements
For SharePoint 2010:

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Server SharePoint Release:
- Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
- Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater is recommended for Advanced Administration features
Mozilla Firefox supported
Chrome supported


Product History

Password Reset Web Part Version 1.0 released on 8th October 2013.