Support @ COVRI

COVRI Technical Services Team is committed to providing high-quality, results-driven service to customers and partners, world-wide.

COVRI offers customers the flexibility to choose from following levels of technical support service: Standard Support and Premium Support.

Availability 24 X 7 access to product knowledge base and FAQs 24 X 7 access to product knowledge base and FAQs, Unlimited Technical support
Response Time Initial response within 2 business days Initial response within 6 hours
Mode of Account Email Email, Phone
Maintenance and Update Free Minor product upgrades Free product upgrades

Note: In case of escalation to a senior technical specialist, technical product management or research and development there are no guaranteed response times according to customer's Service Level.

Request Support

Support email address:

License related questions:

Phone number:  +91-40-64645477

Please ensure that the following information is available to speed up processing before opening a support request with COVRI Support Team:

1. Product Information
  • Product name
  • Type of License
  • Standard or Premium support
  • Date of Purchase
2. Contact Information

Please provide information as listed below that can be used to reach you with regard to the support request:

  • Full name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Phone number(s)
3. Problem Description

Please include a detailed and thorough problem description, including any steps that could have led to the situation and what troubleshooting steps if any have already been taken. Include all error messages that appear during the problem using screenshots or log exports if available

4. Version Information

Please provide information about the current versions of all your system components:

  • Operating System details
  • Software installed in the environment